Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Omg shoes

I think Vivienne Westwood and Melissa can see into my dreams, because they made an eco-friendly winged sandal. Call me the freak mythology fangirl, but winged sandals are something I've thought about since sixth grade, and even nine years won't squelch my desire to sport some rad talaria. And Kudos to VW and Melissa for the whole line, which goes to show that plastic shoes don't have to look like...well..eeww. Yeah, not a huge crocs fan here, what can I say. I know they have a "fashion line" or whatever now, but I'm still not buying. Just a personal preference I guess.

One would think she partnered with
Herm├Ęs. Tee Hee, lame joke.

Since I'll never have the money to buy these, I'm just going to post the picture here and look at it. A lot. Back to Beowulf and Milton for now.

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Himemiya said...

Those are awesomesauce! But wouldn't your feet get rubbed raw where the plastic is?