Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year and a Look Back

Since I started Smoldering-Rose last New Year's, this marks its one year anniversary! It's time then to look back on my first resolutions and to make some new ones.

Here it goes---last year's resolutions:
  • Plant a garden - I actually kind of did this with mother! It died though :-( I grew salmon pink geraniums, just like Loveday in The Little White Horse.
  • Go to college - I graduated from college, lol.
  • Write a novel - Nope. Keep working on it I guess. I did write a 50 page thesis on United States national personifications (Columbia, Brother Johnathan, Uncle Sam, Alfred Jones--just kidding about the last one :-D), but critical writing isn't creative writing for the most part. Guess I'm cursed to be the reviewer never the author XD
  • Lose fifteen pounds - I actually think I lost about twenty pounds, thanks in part to being incredibly ill this holiday season and not eating all the fatty holiday food. But I did workout 5 times a week or more, so that probably helped. I have the slowest metabolism of anyone in my family thanks in part to the meds I have to take daily since age,like, 9, so I'm there working out while Mom sits and eats french fries. It sucks :-(
  • Finish the whatsitcalled book series - On Harry Potter, book 4. Getting there. I read them out loud to my cat, actually, cause I'm weird like that. He likes Harry Potter though. I read a lot of other books too, though, which I'm quite proud of. Put down the periodical, pick up the novel!
And now that that's settled, on to my resolutions for this year. This year was doozey and I've had a lot of hard times, but some good ones too, so all those experiences factor in here:
  • Get a local job: This one isn't here for lack of trying. I live with my mother in a VERY VERY small town right now and it's just not happening in the job market. I'm looking at finding a part-time job in the nearby city now. But I haven't had a real income (read: non-discretionary) in almost a year, and with the mounting living costs also considered, I've kind of quit on lolita fashion recently. Hence lack-o-photo posts. In fact, most of the photo posts have been a bit older and don't even reflect what I look like anymore O_o
  • Get into Grad School: I've applied, got my recommendations in, and GRE-ed up, and I will find out soon. Needless to say if I don't get in, it's not going to be a very happy new year. I'm extremely hopeful though that it will go well, since I've worked very hard and have been very dedicated.
  • Go Shopping!: Something I will only get to do if the first two bullets are accomplished, but I'd love to go out and shop a little like I used to ages ago before all my personal and familial financial issues. I've definitely never had a "name of store" hoard post XD But mostly, I'd love to be able to shop for others, not myself. It sucks to constantly be on the receiving end of gifts (feels like a charity case sometimes), and I would like to be able to give back to those I care for this year. Dream purchase: IW Annette JSK.
  • Blog More: I want to update more regularly and add more content, both here and on my tumblr account. I craft all the time now and plan on showcasing that from now on. I have some hot links and cool projects to share soon enough :-D
  • More lolita/otome-related stuff: both online on the blog and offline in my personal life. I still have plenty of time to think up loli-related crafts, literature/movie recommendations, and decorating ideas, but I'd really like to get back to fashion. Just depends a lot on my income. Grr, income issues..............
There it is, Happy New Year!
Tomorrow I'll have nice review of Disney's
Tangled up for everybody.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Yuletide Greetings and an Update

Sorry for the delays in updates, everyone! I am finally done with the GRE and the holidays et al and should hopefully be back to blogging more often. I do have a tumblr account now for those of you also sucked into the tumblr world, lol. My tumblr blog is called Maiden in the Fire. It's just a little something for pictures/vid/quotes.

I'm working on a review of Disney's Tangled for Monday, Jan 3 (Happy New Year for those on the Jan-Dec calendar), since I was fortunate enough to have a get-together with one of my dear fellow Disney Princess addicts from college (she's actually Women's Studies too, not just English/Art Hist/Hist like me, so we're all types lol). We saw the movie and even had a little Disney Princess themed brunch. It was the one break I got from the craziness of the GRE XD