Thursday, March 4, 2010

Classic Lolita Designers Look Toward Spring

To get back to a Spring feeling, I'm checking out some Spring collections. Today I'm looking at Japanese classic lolita brands' newest looks and accessories for a bit of inspiration.

Innocent World
First on the new items page for Innocent World, this clear umbrella with a roses/ribbons print is perfect for April showers, and feels lighter than a solid color umbrella might. Also counts as a lolita fashion item you can use outside of the fashion. Here is the umbrella and an offbrand alternative if you like the look but maybe not so much the print:

(The plain clear one is available at Target stores and at

This dress/jsk from the same brand seems to be embracing a retro feel, with a belted look and a bowtie back reminiscent of the 50s/60s. This looks like it could definitely be worn with or without a blouse, making it very versatile as a piece.

Simple, and very elegant.

UPDATE: New print for spring: Antique Pansy.
(I'm loving the blue and green!)
Victorian Maiden
Next up is Victorian Maiden, whose new items are in my opinion very reminiscent of traditional Victorian aesthetic similar to the costumes and styles in such recent films as The Young Victoria. Very beautiful and with a sense of...what can I call it? Regal bearing perhaps? Although the pastels are very bright. They also released their free desktop calendar for March/April, which is my current desktop. I love the model they're using--she reminds me of Emily Blunt. Here is the coordinating separates for the print she's sporting, and the headpiece:

VM has some additional pieces for your feet and your wall. VM, MM and JetJ seem to release shoes less often than other brands :

Mary Magdalene
One of the most popular classic brands, Mary Magdalene used a heavier-looking print fabric for their Spring look. The colors are much less pastel than other brands, and there is a lot of intricate trim embellishing the straps and collar:

I'm a really big fan of de-masculinizing suit pieces, so as one might imagine I love their new suit jacket with bow-tied back. Overall very pleased with their new items:

Juliette et Justine
Last, but certainly not least (expensive) is JetJ, a very opulent brand. It looks like their Spring line isn't entirely up yet, but we have some items, one being this multi-tier chiffon (?) skirt and a rose print write dress with interestingly modern color options. I have a feeling more pieces are coming:

So there you have it--some fashion to look forward to for Spring. My next post will actually go back to Winter and deal with a more personal story. Tata!

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