Saturday, December 25, 2010

Yuletide Greetings and an Update

Sorry for the delays in updates, everyone! I am finally done with the GRE and the holidays et al and should hopefully be back to blogging more often. I do have a tumblr account now for those of you also sucked into the tumblr world, lol. My tumblr blog is called Maiden in the Fire. It's just a little something for pictures/vid/quotes.

I'm working on a review of Disney's Tangled for Monday, Jan 3 (Happy New Year for those on the Jan-Dec calendar), since I was fortunate enough to have a get-together with one of my dear fellow Disney Princess addicts from college (she's actually Women's Studies too, not just English/Art Hist/Hist like me, so we're all types lol). We saw the movie and even had a little Disney Princess themed brunch. It was the one break I got from the craziness of the GRE XD