Sunday, January 9, 2011

"If it were up to you" meme from EGL

Lolita meme time! Keep in mind these are my own personal preferences as to what I would/would not wear (you might hate some of the ones I like and love the ones I hate, lol). This is just for fun!

If it were up to you, what trend would you:

1. Perpetuate forever: Rectangular headdresses. I just love them and the nostalgia of wearing them. I don't even pay attention to the "maxi pad" comments.

2. Kill off immediately: Leopard/zebra/any "see it on a Safari" animal print. Don't care if it's in style, I think it looks ridiculous. I would never wear a faux print of an animal whose fur is never worn (legally) in real life--I like faux fox, rabbit, mink and ermine fur, for example, because they have been worn quite frequently historically. Zebra and leopard not so much methinks.

3. Raise like a zombie: Bare legs with lolita. As long as the skirt is long enough or it's appropriate, I say go for it. It's one of the reasons I love country loli so much XD

4. Dance on the grave of: OTT sweet prints of pastries and cakes. I like fruits and berries, but all of these ice cream macaron parfait puppy jsks are WAY too much for me--I like simple prints moreso than the ones that appear to have been attacked by the patisserie.

5. Jump on in a heartbeat: Calico print prairie-style dresses in lolita! This huge gunne sax fan would have a field day (no pun intended).


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