Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I want it to be Spring!

So, my net has been down/slow for awhile thanks to the nasty snowy weather we're still having here in the mountains. Additionally, my college studies have piled up with my recent illness, so that also contributed to the lack of post-age. I did get to watch the Olympics with my mother which was a very wonderful time. I'd been away from home so long, I forgot how much I missed tv dinners and walking the dog. But now that March is here, I want to be active again--go outside, feel sunshine and go on a picnic by the lake! I will post something about the winter games, though.
Here's a polyvore I did with an VM dress to hail in the spring:

Rosey Spring
Rosey Spring by beata-beatrixx

I'm entering a polyvore contest that's coming up on jeunefille666's youtube channel to make an offbrand/vintage lolita look. She only has a few vids up now, but I have to plug her a bit here because she's classic/aristocrat and also into "antique doll" as well, and it's refreshing to see that in a very sweet-dominated lolita world. I subscribe to couple loli-vlogs amongst other various youtube channels, so if you have any faves I'd love to hear them.

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