Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Bodyline List for Country Lolitas

Bodyline is one of those places where you have to know what you're looking for before you start shopping. Pieces are hit or miss, and the shop covers a range of styles and qualities. As a country lolita enthusiast, I like to browse for items that match or go well with said aesthetic. I went through their current (as of 8-28) online overseas catalog and compiled this nifty list of products perfect for a country loli. So if you're a frugalita looking for country style closet fodder or a new loli interested in putting together an inexpensive country loli outfit, here you go!:


Cherry Print Shirred Dress
Gingham Check Dress with Heart Buttons (I want this one so so bad)
Antebellum-esque Cameo Dress (tres Scarlet O'Hara in my OP--I wish this came in forest green!)
Shirred Back floral print Rococo Dress
Rose Print Dress and Headdress Set
Floral Print Dress with Neck Ties
Heart and Cherries Dress

Picnic Border Print Halter JSK
Framed Roses Bordeaux Halter JSK (pretty sure this is a VM or Beth print replica)
Classic Style Floral JSK
Large Rose print JSK with Corset Lacing (I have this in wine, very nice)
Rose Bush print JSK
Floral print Shirred Tiered JSK
Strawberry Gingham JSK (I must have this in blue in my life)
Cherry print JSK
Gingham Check w/Sweets JSK (this piece is more sweet than the others)
Floral print Fancy JSK with Pearls
Love Nadia (perfect for country loli)
Boat Neck Rose print JSK
Floral Jsks 1, 2, 3
Blossom Print JSK in Yellow and Blue

Crochet-style Knit Bolero (see through, very folksy feel that goes well with country loli)
Ruffled Knit Shrug
Joli Petit Faon (cute deer and engrish..err.."flench")


Heart and Cherries Skirt
Picnic Border Print Skirt
Framed Roses Print Skirts 1, 2
Classic Style Floral Skirt
Gingham Check with Teddy Bear Border Skirt (pretty sure that front bow detaches)
Floral Print Scallop-edge Skirt with Bottom Ruffle
Large Rose print skirt with Corset lacing
Tiered Floral Skirt
Gingham Check w/Sweets Corset Skirt
Strawberry Gingham Skirt
Love Nadia Border Skirt
Strawberry Bustle Skirt
Blossom Print Corset Skirt
High Waist classic Floral skirt (reminds me of old gunne sax a little)


Floral Boater
Straw Cloche with Lace Trim
Mini Straw Boater
Mini Straw Hat with Roses
Straw Boater
Mini Straw Hat with Teddy Bear
Mini Straw Hat with Rose and Berry Garland

Rose Bag
Floral Print Bag with Rounded Handles
Gingham Check Teddy Bear Bag
Apple Bag
Strawberry Bag
Dog Bag (think Toto!)

Plain (not highly-decorated,assorted colors): 1, 2, 3, 4
Boots (sweet) 1, 2
Boots (classic) 1, 2
Winter Boots
Rose Boots (do want)

Hair Stuff

Braided Hairpiece (no blonde)
Gingham Bow Headband
Rosette Headband
Large Rose Clips
Large Rose and Bow Clip
Other Large Flower Clip
Floral Hair Comb
Rose Claw Clips:
Colorful, B&W
Teeny Weeny Pink Straw Hat Clip
Strawberries 1, 2, 3
Rose Hair Rings 1, 2,
Rose and Berry Cluster Pigtail Rings
Ladies' Hat Plastic Hair Rings 1, 2
Bunny Rabbit Strawberry Hair Rings
Strawberry Hair Rings 1, 2
Apple Hair Rings

Rose Themed 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Strawberry/Apple Set
Strawberries 1, 2, 3
Cherry and Blossom Set

Lady Bug Flower Necklace (and another)
Deer with Inset Gem Necklace
1, 2, 3 (w/ butterflies)
Cameo Layered Charm Necklace
Deer (aaww!!)
Strawberry Jewel Necklace


Rose Themed
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
Flower Cluster
1, 2
Cherry Blossoms
1, 2

Nail Sets
Daisy on Red and White Polkadots
Strawberries on Pink Glitter (and on white)
Strawberry on Pink with Gems (same design in black)
White Lace on Black with Flower (same design in red)
Black Polkadots and a Daisy (same in pink)
White Lace, Flower with Red Gems
Rose and pink polkadots
Rose on Pink Glitter

Deer Broach (omfg where did all this cuteness come from I don't even)
Flower Bracelets
1, 2
Fairy Charm Bracelet
Golden Rose Bangle
Parasol/Umbrella 1, 2
Strawberry Phone Charm
Cherry keyring (?-not really sure what this is)
Coin Purse

I may try to make more lists like this for other brands, shops, etc. and try and post when I find country-lolita/otome kei/hime kei/mori girl aesthetic friendly items.
tata, beatrix

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ruma said...

Her pretty clothes are individual.

(Kawaii desu!!)


Rocky O said...

This is such a RESOURCE! Thanks so much for sharing. I think your website is one of the best country lolita suggestions I've ever seen! :) Thanks!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Huuu KAWAII!:)Du är så söööt! omochikaeri!