Saturday, August 28, 2010

Craft Post: Decorative Wallet/Coin Purse Out of Juice Carton

I've been getting really into recycled material crafts, and I recently tried this one over at Family Fun @ Disney where you take an old juice carton and make a nifty folding wallet/coin purse out of it. Looks tricky, but it's actually super easy and requires practically zero spending. All you need to do is print out their template and tape it together and follow their directions. While I like the funky look of just the juice box, it's not really my style (even with country loli, lol), so I used an old gift bag, computer paper, and deco gems to enhance it. Here are the changes:

Supplies: In addition to their recommended supplies, you will need something to cover the front of the carton. I used on old thin paper gift bag, but wrapping paper, scrapbook paper or thin fabric works too--just don't use anything to thick because you need to be able to score and fold the carton easily. Then use thin paper (not construction paper) of any color for the lining inside, and maybe have some decorative gems or something to bling it up.

1. Follow their directions up to step 2 EXCEPT the scoring,but after you cut your carton shape out, take your front cover and pin the cut out shape to it (or the template). Cut the front cover, allowing extra for folding over the edges. Score and cut out the spout area. Repeat with inside liner, making it just a little smaller than the cut out shape. Pics:

2. Now glue the front cover down using a glue stick, craft glue, fabric glue or some form of adhesive that is fast-drying and thin. Make sure to fold the extra material over the inside edges to cover them too. Then glue the liner on top, covering the raw edge of the folded over material. Clean up any rough areas. Let dry. Pics:

3. Now score your lines as in their step 1 and follow their directions through step 4. You should now have the basic wallet done, only yours will be much less juice box-y:

4. Next, take your cap. If it's not the color you want, you can paint it with craft paint. I liked my blue, so I just used it as is and decorated the whole cap with gems and pearls using a glue gun (also silicon glue would work, if you have it on hand). Make sure you don't cover over the very bottom rim of the cap or it won't screw back on. Pics:

Before and after

5. Add some finishing touches, like gems, ribbon, etc. to the outside. Tada! You now have a cute new coin purse/wallet/business card holder and no one would ever think it was once a carton of juice:

<------From this to this:

Now my crazy amounts of business cards can finally have somewhere to go!

It's still drying in this pic--I used doilies, gems, faux pearls and stuff I had around the house. I think I could have done better with more materials--next time I'd like to try this with pastel craft paint and then really deco the heck out of it!

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