Saturday, September 25, 2010

Clean Hoooouuuuse

Today was my apartment complex's big yard sale. I managed to make some money toward my GRE fee and sell off my old dorm stuff and unfitting clothes. The rain waited for us, thankfully, to finish before pouring!
After the yard sale was done, I donated all the items that didn't sell to charity. I enjoyed the whole process (I'm sore from carrying all the furniture and heavy items), and I think sometimes you have to part with one stage of your life and move into another. Selling/donating/repurposing items from one's past is an almost ritual way of enacting changes in your life on a material level. I know people who have serious hoarding problems caused by inabilities to progress from that past stage of their life to the next--literally, carrying "baggage" from their past. I feel rejuvenated after ridding myself of the vestiges of past. Cocoon to butterfly, here I go.

BTW-Last week I grievously omitted Monday at the Movies during my hectic yard sale/grad app prep! This Monday I'll be posting an illustrated review of the ABC Family original movie, Princess starring Nora Zehetner. I really love this movie's princess mythology--it's focused a lot on women's POVs and is pretty empowering even (not your common fairytale). I can't wait to share, see you Monday!

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