Saturday, February 26, 2011

Craft Tutorial: Mini-Album with Pockets from 1 Sheet of Paper

The promised craft tutorial is here! I'm very glad I'm not the least bit sick, and it appears my mother is much better too, so to celebrate I'm sharing this cool papercraft with you. I've divided the video into 3 parts, all below. This isn't my original tutorial, it's one I learned from Creations by Christie's tutorial on youtube, so all credit goes to her. If you like this craft, she has variations on it as well as other fun ideas! I like to make these as hostess gifts, thank you gifts, or even holiday cards. As I mention, they are also perfect for holding small photos such as Purikura photostickers which are popular in both lolita and gal culture.

Part 1: Intro and materials:

Again, the materials I used were: 1 sheet double-sided scrapbook paper (12x12 in), a ruler, pencil, scissors, about 22 in of ribbon, a hot glue gun and a decorative button. I meant to say printer paper when I said notebook paper.

Part 2: Making the Pocket Mini-Album!:

I think this video cuts off at the end, but I basically just say how the ribbon holds the book together, and then show where to place the button over the ribbon on the front cover (as illustrated in the next video). You could alternatively use craft glue (such as Glossy Accents, as Christie does) rather than a hot glue gun.
Tip: when you make your 2 inch mark with your ruler and pencil, put it in the very center for more precision. Also, about 7 minutes in--Napoleon cameo appearance (my cat)!

Part 3: Finished product:

I would have taken a final photo, but the finished mini-album is already on its way to the recipient. But Christie's original video has really quality footage of the results, so I would recommend referring back to her tutorial for more precise images and instructions.

As I said, I'm not an expert (only made about 3 or so as gifts), but I found these very easy to make--not to mention they're not too costly to produce, and they are so fun to personalize with ribbon, buttons, charms,etc. There are tons of possibilities!


P.S.: If you don't have a Purikura photo-sticker machine near you (or a photobox that does similar at your local mall), you can take your photos and make printable Purikura-style pictures at Puricute, then print them on photopaper or stickerpaper at home. You can also buy sticker sheets directly from the site. I just made this one as an example:
Hope you all enjoyed this project idea--if you make some please send me a picture or link to your blog/tumblr entry so I can share your creation ♥

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