Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day Coord and Goodwill Snags

I have a video blog entry coming, but I'm having some audio sync issues right now so I apologize! Here's a preview of my Valentines Day outfit in the meantime.

I'm trying my smolder out,lol. It probably still registers as derp though XD

Full shot of the coordinate A, B, and C. The hat is a new thrift find of mine--more on my Goodwill shopping hoard later this week. I'm getting used to my new webcam and it seems to be working fine except when I go to upload it to youtube, the audio goes all screwy. When I patch the vlog entry up, I'll repost it here.

I fixed it! The vlog entries seem to be a-okay on my photobucket, so there they shall go. Sorry for the technical difficulties--Happy Valentines Day!
Please excuse my "styrofoam" comment, they are of course regular rubber foam faux flowers, and I don't know why I called an atomizer an "aromatizer" or whatever. Too much/little caffeine methinks, lol. I also don't think I'm going to post to daily_lolita, just because I don't feel polished enough--I want to add long white gloves and white or red lacey tights with white Edwardian style shoes like the pair Julie Andrews is wearing! Rest of goodwill hoard later this week (including some cool vintage finds and more hats):

Monday at the Movies later on today featuring the lovely and talented Betty White!

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DuskRose_Dreaming said...

I love your coordinate. It's so charming and classy, and red is one of my fave colors lol. ^^

beata-beatrixx said...

Thanks, I'm glad my coordinate was able to distract from my many terminology fails (styrofoam flowers, "aromatizer" instead of atomizer, lol).
I love red. I think yellow and red are very common colors with country lolita that you just don't see that often in regular sweet or classic. I just need some cute boots and maybe some lace gloves to tie this one together.