Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm back and Self-Challenge for Spring

Hi, everyone! I'm finally back from the mayhem of not having a computer (I know it's pathetic, but I'm not John Clayton II, Lord Greystoke or something and I need my modern technology to survive). I got an Asus Eee PC netbook that came with Windows 7 Starter, but being geeky as I am I was able to personalize my netbook's background, screensaver, etc. using a program called Starter Background Changer (site in French, translated to English a bit wonky). I wouldn't recommend doing anything like this to 7 Starter unless you're good with computers or have someone nearby who is. My new netbook also comes with a Webcam, so maybe I can make some cool tutorial vids (or at least show some thrift store hauls from time to time).

I do have a fun video coming up hopefully that will be a look at how I transformed an old Build-a-Bear Cub Condo Box into a Neo-Victorian/Edwardian Cottage for my Pullip Doll (it would probably work for Barbie, Blythe, and the Mini-sized BJDS too). The interior is already basically done at this point, so I'll post photos soon.

Anyway, I won a contest over at Dolly's Misadventures, so when I get the contest package I will do a little spot on her blog♥ I'm very excited because I never win these things, lol. She sews (which I'm not terribly good at, read: I kinda suck) quite well, so I'm already very impressed with her blog, which features lolita fashion discussions, sewing posts and very soon tutorials. So look forward to that coming up :-)

Also, inspired by a lot of these challenges to see how far one can stretch a wardrobe, I have a new challenge for Spring (which according to Monsieur Groundhog is now, unless he's wrong in which case I say let's make him into a hat >D ). I call it my "Wardrobe Sort" project. Basically, I'm going to try on every single item in my closet and place each item in one of four categories:
1. Items to Keep (i.e., it fits, good condition)
2. Items to Tailor or Repair (i.e., almost fit, pretty good condition or easily mendable)
3. Items to Goodwill or the Trash (i.e., don't fit anymore, not that great condition--faded, etc)
4. Items to Sell (i.e., don't fit but good condition and know you can sell--for instance, lightly used lolita fashion items or vintage clothing)

I'm hoping this project will help me organize my wardrobe for the move and transition me into a closet that fits. I have a lot of stuff still from when I was larger (freshman year, size 16ish), and now I'm a size 6/8 and anyone who has had a major body type change will tell you that not having clothes that fit you in your closet is a huge self-esteem damper. I also have some pieces that are just not meshing with a mature wardrobe, such as old Juniors t-shirts and the ilk. I think going through one's closet can be a really cleansing experience, not to mention help you feel more organized. My goal is to be able to coordinate a lot with what I already have, then determine what I want/need to add based on this.

Monday at the Movies back next week with a Valentines' Day feature!


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