Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dolls: Blythe and Littlest Pet Shop Collaboration

I was reading Violet LeBeaux's blog today when I came across her amazing mod of a tiny Blythe doll. To my surprise, the doll was a collaboration between Blythe and one of my favorite toy lines, Littlest Pet Shop. The doll sets are under $15, which makes me very tempted to run over to Kmart and buy this lovely lady (She's almost a bit Mori kei, love her boots and lunchbox):

She has a deer. And furry boots. OMG I love her.

Violet modded her doll into a mini-her, and I wouldn't have to do much to mod this one into a mini me. But I just think they're lovely they way they are as a collector's item, and they're also tiny--perfect for display in an office space or on a smaller shelf, unlike larger models (I still want my vintage Blythe doll someday though!).

I need to finish going through my old clothes so I can sell stuff and maybe buy this awesome doll collab♥

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